Sunday, October 19, 2008

Welcome to the Trustees Web Log

Welcome to the Manuscript Society Trustees Web Log.

This is a way to offer comments, ask questions and provide information to other trustees.

If you have any questions or suggestions about how we can make this blog more useful, just post your thoughts or send me an email at


Dennis said...


Hats off to Ed Siskin in not only hitting the ground running as a Trustee--but in getting this blog up in what seems like a microsecond.

I want to follow up on our vote for a "News" editor. I'm not comfortable with hiring someone that only Ed has seen. Some committee should see a sample of his writing and also get a sense of whether his situation is such that he would be a likely long-timer. Seems like we train in someone and then have to start all over.

I wonder if we have looked sufficiently within our own numbers. When a person retires, she/he might like to help by pitching in. The opportunity to attend all meetings expenses paid is a valuable plus.


Dennis said...

Ed--I need some shortcut instruction (or get to log in a few more times to get used to how it works). I find that I can get to the posted messages, but that so far I have to wander around until I home in on the (light) type on the left that shows a link to your original thread and another link to mine.

I'm hoping to see the others chime in, and not seeing it wondering if they also need some coaching.

I echo Ed Bonsey's comments in e-mail, sent to the group.


Ed B. said...

Ed Siskin, this is simply terrific! Long needed and glad for having this space to call our own!

Dennis, regarding the editorship, we hired Gerald without "seeing" him, on David Chesnutt's recommendation, and he proved to be excellent. Through no one's fault he could not continue. Ed O. sent a sample of his candidate's writing - if you did not see it or forgot it, I am sure if youask him, Ed O. will resend it. His qualifications seem to be quite good. He has been working for/with Ed (hence for the Society) for quite a while too, as Ed noted at the meeting. No reason to think he will not be a "long-timer". If you have a candidate, please let us know.

Ed B.

Ed B. said...

Ed Siskin, I think it would be helpful to send a reminder to ALL Board members about the blog, how it should be used, and how to use it. I am glad you straightened me out!

Happy holidays to you and Jean from Rayna and I!

Ed Bomsey