Friday, October 24, 2008

Philadelphia Auction Items

I don't see why we can't post all of the items donated for the Philadelphia auction. We can decide on a deadline--say March 31--for me to receive the items so I can write them up. That would give everyone a month or to check out the items on line. We should get more money that way.


Ed Oetting said...

Let me echo Beverly on this. As long as there are no legal reasons not to post, I think it's a good idea. I just talked to Barton about the auction and I want to encourage all Board members to go through their collections and identify some items for the auction. We will publicize this as we did for Arizona( and maybe even more so). It was great to see everyone that cme to DC for the Board meeting See you all in Philadelphia!

Ed O

Ed B. said...

We need to put the "fun auction" into any and all registration info. Does anyone recall the day & time we selected at the Board Meeting for it? And, yes, no reason why we cannot post items (if someone can do that with some degree of facility and in a timely fashion) so we can get "absentee bids".

Ed B.